Education at Sacred Mountain Sanctuary

We are building a collaborative and sacred relationship with parents, educators, children, adults and the land at Sacred Mountain Sanctuary to develop multiple learning environments that will enrich and support ensouled learning with head, heart and hands.

The Learning Village hosts inspired programming for all ages, toddler to elder. TLV's many classroom structures and areas of activity function together much like a small village square, supporting meaningful work that are essential to the overall needs and wellbeing of the SMS community, the greater Asheville community, and the community of Earth. Click here ​to read more about our vision for sacred education.​

At The Learning Village,  education is participation in the living community of Earth, and the learning journey is about relationships~ with one’s self, others and the natural world.  Our learning environment invites every individual to experience an abiding sense of wonder that they may take with them as they live, learn and illuminate the lives of others.

The Learning Village offers beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces for:
  • ​academic study, reading, writing, mathematics etc
  • ​meditation, quiet study, communion with nature
  • ​​fine arts, painting, drawing, sculpture
  • basketry, pottery, woodworking, fiber arts, sewing, knitting, weaving
  • gardening, food and medicine growing, biodynamic farming education
  • performing arts, music, dance
  • camping, outdoor skills and nature education
For more information or to schedule a visit to The Learning Village, please contact Nicole Almeida at

Community Supported Education

TLV​ is part of an emergent movement called Community Supported Education, or CSE.  The CSE model was  inspired by Community Supported Agriculture programs, where members pay a fee for services/farm products and also provide support by working at the farm picking, planting, sorting, selling, etc.   Working within  the CSE operational model,  The Learning Village and it's programs provide the structure, teachers, facilities, resources,  and the  adults and children within the learning  community reciprocate by gifting their time, energy and resources to the learning environment.  

Our CSE was developed by families and educators  who hold an enduring commitment to the sacred work of education,  and continually contemplate these questions:
  • How do we call forth enthusiasm for learning and work,  healthy self-awareness, a respect for fellow human beings and all life, and an enduring reverence for the natural world?  ​
  • How do we establish within each individual his or her own level of excellence in the social, intellectual, kinesthetic and spiritual realms?
  • How can we help each learner discover, develop and sustain meaning in their lives?

Value and Resources

​The Learning Village intends to facilitate and transition to a new and sacred economy which embodies the reciprocal ecologies of the natural world.  We anticipate that the resources from farm, forest and cottage industry on the land will soon offer substantial economic support to our educational programs. However, as we build the infrastructure and cultivate the relationships and resources to move towards this new economy, we rely on the generosity of our CSE members and greater community to sustain the basic financial needs of The Learning Village.

In general, programming and membership fees do not cover the entire costs of maintaining our land and facilities, but instead go directly towards compensation for our teachers, guides and staff.   We welcome and encourage our member families and greater community to consider a gift or contribution in support of the beautiful land and facilities that enrich and sustain our programs. If you are inspired by our vision for education and nature connection and would like to support us, you may donate by clicking the link below. Sacred Mountain Sanctuary is  a 501c3, non-profit .  All donations are tax deductible.