Circle of Seasons

Circle of Seasons is a cooperative learning environment for grades 1-8 hosted on 90 pristine acres of fields, farm and forest at The Learning Village. COS offers a seasonally thematic, Steiner-inspired, full academic program, as well as nature-centered enrichment and specialty classes. COS currently hosts 3 mixed-age learning circles, 7-9, 9-11, and 12-14 years.

Our cooperative is stewarded by families and teachers with a commitment to bring sacredness, functionality, and integrity to our organization. We hold a shared vision to create and maintain a sacred space for learning in which each child is supported to cultivate a love for learning, collaborate with others, connect with his/her own inner guidance, and commune with the natural world.

Some ideas that inspire us:
-Developing a sense of one's intrinsic place in Nature will guide the body, mind, heart and soul to a wisdom that supports benefit for oneself, one's community and our Earth.
-Each individual is born with an inner guidance and many gifts that support the soul's purpose. The sacred role of the educator is to be truly present with each learner as they begin to responsibly follow this inner guidance and develop and offer their gifts to the world
-Cultivating an ensouled love of learning can facilitate a life-long, integrated and joyful educational journey
-We learn best through communion, sensing, feeling, and relating- by engaging all the bodily senses, mind, heart and soul when learning
-Integrated learning emerges naturally as we soulfully support each learner to recognize the intrinsic value of any learning experience.

Integrated, Ensouled Learning with Head, Heart, & Hands

The COS curricullum and approach are guided by the indications of Rudolph Steiner, and an abiding reverence for the unique learning style and gifts of each learner. Each learner's unique skills, wisdom and interests are drawn forth as they learn, play and grow within a supportive community. The guidance of wise and experienced teachers and ample time in nature support each learner to live into their soul's purpose. During each year, or 'learning cycle',  thematic blocks and topics of study are offered through an integrated presentation of language arts, math, science, history, cultural studies, geography, art, handicrafts, and independent projects.  Through stories, mythologies, movement, art, music, poetry, drama, handicrafts, free play, outdoor exploration and quiet self reflection, the learner is holistically engaged in the joyful journey of learning.  Learn more about our approach and curricullum by clicking here, or visiting our resources page. 
Our Daily Rhythm

9:30- morning block begins-opening circle/listening, songs, sharing, movement, eurhythmy, tai chi/qi gong exploration or meditation walk
10:15- snack and recess
10:30- academic foundations: thematic main lesson blocks that include language, math, art,history, cultural studies, science, and learner-chosen study and research
12:30- lunch and recess
1:30- outdoor and specialty classes, fiber arts/handwork, woodcarving, building/carpentry, farming and gardening, primitive skills, music, drama, foreign language, free play, team building activities, games, hiking, learner chosen activities
3:00- Closing circle/cleanup
3:30- Pick up/departure

Forest and Field Fridays

Our Forest and Field Friday program, led by Lena Eastes of Earthpath Education, offers seasonally thematic, immersive learning experiences within the intimate community of a small learning circle. This program is available to our COS members, as well as the greater homeschooling community. Topics of study and exploration will include:
Sacred Economies - wildcrafting, handicrafts, and processing of farm products to be sold at tailgate markets, our holiday craft fair, festivals and events, and other local venues.
Sacred Arts: traditional arts and handicrafts, folk skills, self care and self reliance skills, ceremony and festival planning and preparation, storytelling
Sacred Earth: nature studies, navigation and exploration, forest and farm work and study, animal care and studies, botany and plant medicines, eco-contemplative practices, bird studies, hiking, camping

Upcoming Forest and Field Friday Dates:

October 24th(6-9year olds) and October 31st(10-14 year olds) 9:30-3:30
Theme- Harvest and Store

Harvest Apples from the land, and make apple pie over the fire
Make Persimmon Fruit Leather
Make our own paper with Leaf Inlays
Animal Forms and Tracking

November 14th(6-9 year olds) and November 21st (10-14 year olds)9:30-3:30

Theme- Ghost Supper
This ceremony known as Gibigajik is a Odawa Ceremony passed down to me by Uncle Paul an Odawa Elder, who shares his peacekeeping teachings around the U.S. It is similar to Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) which we will be celebrating in Spanish Class. For this Ceremony we will learn how to keep a Sacred Fire. Each student will have researched their own ancestors through talking with their parents, grandparents and maybe even grandparents about those who came before and are now ancestors. We will be feasting our ancestors, with their favorite foods and we will share the stories we have learned from talking to our families about our ancestors. What food did they love or cook? What music did they listen to? What were they like? What jokes did they tell? What did they like to wear….

December 5 (6-9 year olds) and December 12 (10-14 year olds) 9:30-3:30

Theme: Basket Weaving, Gift Making and Cacao Ceremony
We will be making gifts- Pine Needle Baskets (note* we cannot complete our baskets in one day, but they will learn the technique) The 6-9 Circle will be Making Medicinal Salve. Both learning circles will make hot chocolate from the Cacao Bean to the cup of frothing hot chocolate.  We will learn to grind the cacao, and froth with the molinillo....All while singing ourselves through the process with Cacao songs!

Membership and Enrollment

Circle of Seasons offers two options for enrollment, with sliding scale membership fees.

Four day enrollment - Monday - Thursday - 9:30 am - 3:30 pm
monthly $333-$555 sliding scale

Forest and Field Friday Program- One Friday per month, 9:30 am - 3:30 pm
$40-$60/month siding scale

$150 annual enrollment/materials fee per child, due with your application.

For more information, email us at, or contact our program coordinator, Septimbor Lim at 828.242.3937

Holiday Craft Fundraiser

Come shop for the holidays! Click on the image above to view our holiday catalogue of unique, biodynamic, organic and all natural self care products, toys, and food items lovingly grown in our gardens and hand-crafted by our parents, teachers and children.  All proceeds support our program. To order, contact 
thelearningvillage.sms ​  

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