The Flower of Life Fund:  Our 2018 Annual Campaign

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We welcome your collaboration as we rise to meet the greatest human need of the 21st century- the need to learn from our living earth, it's community of life, and allow it to guide our participation in the vast intelligence of the biosphere....

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Sacred Mountain Sanctuary is a non-profit organization, and your donation is tax deductible

Why do Sacred Mountain Sanctuary's programs need an annual campaign?


Because IT TAKES A VILLAGE of helping hands to support a healthy, diverse learning community at SMS, and to maintain an affordable, sliding-scale fee schedule that is attuned to the diverse economic needs of both current and potential Starseed, TLV, and Aeon families.  As with any healthy ecology, diversity is essential to the over-all richness and vitality of Sacred Mountain Sanctuary.  When a family is called to enroll their child in one of our programs,  we do all we can to offer access, regardless of economic circumstances.  

Our sliding scale fees cover only a portion of our operating costs.  Rather than increasing our fees and narrowing access to our programs, we choose instead to engage the Spirit of Giving within our learning community, and work to develop and refine the supportive cottage industries that operate at Sacred Mountain Sanctuary. 


How do I determine my level of support, or ask others  for their support?

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The answer to this query lives inside you, and rather than prescribing specific pathways, we ask all TLV families to deeply contemplate and recognize the many ways that our program nourishes and supports their child and family.  We offer the following heart-centered questions to assist you as you engage your own inner process of recognition.  Allow your answers to these questions to guide your conversations with others as you invite their participation:







Where does TLV receive other economic support?

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TLV practices an emergent form of reciprocal economics, whereby program fees are one of several other resource streams that nourish TLV programs.  Our goal is to achieve a three-fold economic support system, within which TLV programming fees, income from on-site cottage industries, and gifts/donations are equitably balanced to create a healthy, flowing ‘economy-as-ecology’.  In keeping with the impulse of three-folding, we are striving to expand our community of support, gift campaign relationships, and to develop the supportive industries that operate at SMS and TLV- including cabin rentals, land leases to partner programs, biodynamic, herbal, and value-added farm products, and handicrafts.  Diversified income streams help non-profits to create longevity and strength.


Can I claim my gift as a tax deduction?

Absolutely! SMS is a 501c3 organization, and all donations are tax deductible.  We will send an acknowledgement of your gift to the addresses you provide for your personal tax use.

What if I have questions, or want to contribute in other ways?

Please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions or ideas for support!  Email Nicole Almeida or Septimbor Lim, or call 828.665.6966.