Education at Sacred Mountain Sanctuary is Participation in Earth's Community of Life



Our Vision
To create a sacred space in which we support learners of all ages and abilities to:
 ~cultivate a love for learning~
 ~collaborate with others~
~connect with one’s own inner guidance~
~commune with the natural world~
Our Mission
The illumination and refinement of each individual's unique purpose through ensouled learning with head, heart, and hands.


The Learning Village at SMS hosts inspired programming for all ages, toddler to elder, including a Waldorf inspired academic programs for grades 1-12 , a mixed age forest kindergarten for ages 3-6, and farm and forest based homeschool enrichment programs and summer camps.  Our many classroom structures and areas of activity function together much like a small village square, supporting meaningful work that is essential to the overall needs and wellbeing of our own, and the greater community.

The Learning Village is part of an emergent movement called Community Supported Education. The CSE approach was inspired by Community Supported Agriculture programs, where members pay a fee for services/farm products, while providing economic and participatory support to the the farm- purchasing, picking, planting, sorting, etc.   Working within the CSE framework,  The Learning Village and it's programs provide the learning environment, and our member-families reciprocate by gifting their time, energy and resources to TLV. 

The Learning Village Primary Grades Program

The Learning Village primary grades program combines a Waldorf-inspired, full academic curriculum with daily nature immersion in a pristine environment of fields, farm and forest.  Our daily rhythm begins with contemplative time caring for the animals, then morning circle, academic main lessons, lunch, and afternoon enrichment classes such as handicrafts, music, games, horsemanship, archery and movement. TLV currently hosts 3 mixed-age learning circles, grade 1/2, grades 3/4, and grades 5/6. Click here to learn more.


Aeon: Learning Without Limits

Aeon Learning Without Limits is a secondary schooling experience for grades 7-12.  Aeon provides ‘heart-hands-head’ integrated learning that encourages students how to think, not what to think.  Aeon students are invited into deep inquiry and understanding of themselves and the world around them through thematic studies, internships, expeditionary learning experiences, and a challenging, relevant, enlivened academic curriculum. Click here to learn more.


Starseed Forest Kindergarten

Starseed  Forest Kindergarten is a nature centered learning and exploring environment for ages 3 - 6. Starseed offers the gentle rhythms of Waldorf early childhood education, presented by experienced child-guides, in a beautiful setting of fields, farm, and forest. Our program allows for deep, participatory experience of seasonal cycles and the rhythms of the natural world. Each day is is enriched with seasonally inspired songs, movement, stories, simple crafts, and plenty of free, imaginative playtime, both indoors and outdoors.  Click here to learn more.


Programs and Enrichment

In addition to our own programming SMS currently has program partnerships with several organizations that provide homeschool enrichment, camps, equine arts,  rites of passage, and more. SMS is available to host small, teacher-led, programs or retreats that are aligned with our vision and mission, and that can be supported by our rustic, simple facilities. Click here to learn more.