Aeon Internships & Apprenticeships

Blacksmithing at Northern Crescent Ironworks

Blacksmithing at Northern Crescent Ironworks

Learning as living

Aeon’s internships and apprenticeships take place on our campus & at various local artistic and professional venues. These immersive classes are offered in trimesters, with an option to extend the duration of the learning experience.  Fridays are kept open in our weekly schedule to provide ample time and space for these experiences. 

Knowing that young adults often experience uncertainty or lack of direction as they enter college or adulthood, Aeon endeavors to create a space for experimentation and exploration of various career pathways.  We are continually expanding our learning relationships in the greater community to provide diverse internship options in artistic, business, professional, educational, vocational fields.


As students spend time immersed in the working life of the studio, workshop, clinic, or other learning venue, they are exposed to learning that goes beyond instruction or hands-on teaching.  They gain an authentic sense of the ambience and lifestyle of a chosen profession, which they will carry with them as they consider their life-path, vocation, or course of college studies.  

Students often develop expanded relationships with the artists, crafts-people and professionals that provide these valuable learning opportunities, and choose to spend more time together learning and mastering skills, after classes or on weekends.  Internships can (and do!) develop into paid positions, part time jobs, or even a life-long career!


our Learning Partnerships Include: